I am the type of girl that loves all animals and all nature.

Hi I am Shya and this is a post about me.

  This is me

I have two cats called Chilly and Felix and they are both really annoying.

I also have three dogs one called Roxy (the oldest one), Buddy ( the 2nd oldest one) and Hela (the youngest one).

I live on a farm with 17 sheep, one cow, and a calf.

My Mum is a chef and my Pop (Grandad) is a bus driver and my Nan works at New World ( the supermarket).

My Dad lives in Wanaka in a small house that has three bedrooms and the Kitchen and the living room are joint.

I have one sister called Kaley and she just turned 7 in February in 2020 and I am turned 10 in October in 2019.




I have chosen this image instead of an avatar because my favorite animals are puppies and kittens.

The playfulness of the puppy represents me because of how much I love to play.

Me and all my friends at school always play in the sandpit and berry each other all the time.

The kitten represents how much I love my family.

you know how all kittens and cats come and cuddle up to you when they want a hug? Well that is what I do to my Mum,Dad,Nan,Pop and Paul dose not matter what they are doing weather it is watching TV or out in the garden I love them and I always will.



On February the 28th on Friday I spent three and a half hours on the road driving from Omarua to Wanaka. I was so tired from sitting in a car all day but lucky for me I do this every second weekend. I do this a lot so I am pretty used to it. When I got to my dads house I ran inside and lied on the couch. I was so exhausted. But I got up and still helped  make dinner witch was lasagna if you were wondering.We did THREE layers of of yummy dinner. The next day was even more fun I washed Dads car with the hose and got all the spiderwebs off the windows.Then me and my little sister Kaley started play with her color changing dragons. On Sunday I went home with mum and spent another three and a half hours in the car. Well hat concludes my weekend thank you you for reading.


A time when I persevered is…. It was just last week (21st of February) in math we were doing a work sheet and it was about lengths & widths. It was hard but I kept working and working and I did it. This work sheet was really fun and after I wanted to do more. Sadly it was lunch and time to go eat. I hope that we do some more this week and I hope there is a lot of it. I was amazing to achieve this and I told all my friends how good i felt. 😊😆😍


Another time I persevered was at school and me, Tessa, Amelia and Grace. We were playing in the sand pit and we dug a really big hole. I sat in it and they filled it up . Grace, Tessa and Amelia made a big sand hill on top of me. Then the bell rang, they left to go class but Amelia stayed. I persevered to get out and I did with a little bit of Amelia’s help. I felt so good after and then we went to class to learn.👌👍😀😊




Once there was a old, old giraffe who was the alpha of its herd. All the giraffes were running running free when they saw a pink, dusty teddy bear lying in the middle of no where.  The giraffes didn’t care though, so they carried on. But the next day they saw the teddy bear again but they were in a different spot. So the alpha picked up the teddy and all the giraffes went home. When all the giraffes woke-up the next day the alpha sang over and over but it was very painful to listen to (very, very bad!!!!)



( this story was inspired by Gergoge Ella Lyon)

I’m from long walks on the beach, Form jumping in the pool on a hot day

I’m From ice packs every time I got injured.From wearing Pops boots on a hot summer day

I’m from wet dogs jumping all over me.From cuddling up with cats as I drift off to sleep.


I’m From screaming at spiders to  lying on mats.

From playing hide and seek with mum to being found in tiny, tiny places.

I’m from playing with my hair to sleeping in a pot.


I’m from Wanaka to a big city called Oamaru.

I’m From New Zealand and I am proud to be kiwi.

by shya

This is Wanaka lake .^^.                                This is Oamaru beach.^^.


HI I’m Shya and I am 10 years old and my birthday is October, 19th. I love living in New Zealand in a awesome little town called Duntroon. I grew up in a little cottage called Lugget about a 15 minute drive away from Wanaka.

I love drawing and singing, it is what I do all the time at home.

I go to a little school called Duntroon School and I am in room ONE.

I have one little sister called Kaley and she is turning 7 on February, 17th.  I live with my Mum, Nan and Pop.  My Dad lives in wanaka.

I had alot of funny moments in Wanaka – most of my memories there I will never forget.😃❤😜👢🐶🏡 I  am making more memories here now in Duntroon.