I didn’t mean to kill her

No this can’t be happening, my poor cat Jesse, she is gone.

It started off on Monday it was pouring down outside but I knew I still had to go to work. I put on my plaid top and my black skirt with little white dots on it.

Once I had put my work clothes on I headed down the old, creaky, wooden stairs into the kitchen. 

I saw my cat (Jesse) staring at her food bowl so I knew she was hungry. I grabbed the cat food out of the fridge and put some in her bowl, then I put it away. After I got out the bread and the honey. I grabbed 2 pieces of bread and placed them in the toaster. ( 1 minute later )  “Yay my toast is up”  I grabbed my toast and slathered on a heap of honey.  I ate it so fast because while I was eating I found out I was late for work. I ran to go brush my teeth then I heard something make a small bang sound.  I go and check what it was then OH No,No this couldn’t be happening, my poor cat Jesse I see her lying on the ground blood everywhere. The knife I used for my toast was next to the body, it must have fallen off the bench.  I should have put it in the dishwasher. “I AM SO STUPID!” I screamed.

I didn’t mean to kill her. I just forgot to put the knife in the dishwasher. 

By Shya.             


Did u know some cats are allergic to humans? Though it’s uncommon—since humans bathe more than your typical animal, and don’t shed as much hair or skin—some animals can still be allergic to humans according to Popular Science.


Did u know high heels were originally worn by men? In the 10th century, men in Europe adopted the now-gendered fashion choice of heels to make it easier to ride their horses: Adding heels to their boots made it easier to stay in their stirrups.


There is a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding? Black Sapote, a tropical fruit found in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Colombia tastes like delectable chocolate pudding. The fruit has no relation whatsoever with cocoa tree and looks like a green tomato when unripe and turns yellow-green when ripe.





Going for a nice picnic with the family then all of a sudden my uncle started to be sick, he felt really ill. I think it was because he had 5 pieces of toast and then my mum had a piece and saw the breed was 5 YEARS OLD. My uncle felt fine after so we didn’t worry about it but then now he is being sick on our food because he doesn’t want to be sick on the new grass that we just mowed. Then for some reason, my dog Buddy is being sick inside and we have no idea why?

What we are going to be doing in Christmas

On the 25th of  December is CHRISTMAS and I am ether doing to Christchurch or staying home for the big Christmas lunch party my Nan is throwing.

Hi, I am Shya and I am going to tell u what I am doing if I go to Christchurch for Christmas. It is my uncles birthday on the 24th of December (Christmas eve)  so my dad has to go because he says you can only turn 18 once. The good thing about having Christmas in Christchurch is that I get to spend time with everyone up in Christchurch since we don’t see them that often. Another good thing is that after we might be going on this long train ride that goes around the entire south island. The bad thing is that is we do go on this train ride my poppa sam will be going and when he is on a train he gets REALLY ANNOYING, he makes all the train noises. The other bad thing about having Christmas is I will miss out on the big lunch party my nan is throwing at our house.

OK so now let me tell u why I also want to have Christmas at my house. At my house, we have A LOT of room to run around and have fun and also we gave a lot of room in our house so lots of people can come to the lunch party. The thing why I want to stay is simple

1. We get a MASSIVE lunch \ dinner and we get blueberries covered in icing sugar. YUMMY 😋😊

2. LOts of people can come over like family and friends

3. I think it might be better to just stay home I mean it would be great to go to Christchurch but It is a lot more fun just staying home.



QE2 in Christchurch

My sister, dad, and I went to Christchurch over the holidays to see family and the first thing that my sister and I  wanted to do first was go to QE2. QE2 is a massive water park but indoors there is a massive waterslide, a lazy river, a pool for teaching, and a pool just for mucking around in. When we got there ( 10 minutes later )  the first thing we did was get into our tog then we went straight to the lazy river because the line for the water slide was too long.  We stayed in the lazy river until the line for the waterslide died down until then we played tag, chasing everyone around and having fun    ( my dad was in first ). After about 15-20 minutes in the lazy pool, the line for the slide had finally died down and was just waiting for us to go on it so we hopped out of the lazy pool and went over to the slide I went on the slide with my dad first and my sister ( Kaley) went with my aunty molly. after I went by myself but my little sister was still too scared to go down by herself until three more turns going with someone else my sister finally decided to go down by herself and she LOVED IT. after about 2 more hours of having fun and messing around in the pool we decided to get out and go have dinner. It was such a fun day and I can’t wait to go again.

This is the slide😋  ❤️💯

This is the building✨🤩😱🥳


On the 3rd of November, I will be going to have surgery on my foot. I have an extra bit of bone in my foot and this is what is causing the pain. My mum and dad are coming to the surgery and it will take an hour and after I will be staying for another 2 hours for something they need to explain. I have to have light little snacks till 7:30 and not allowed to eat till dinner and I have to stop drinking water at 11:30.

My week at Duntroon school

I love being at school and we get to do so much stuff like; cooking, art and P.E / games that are challenging and fun.

On the 17th of August, Monday the year 7 & 8’s went away to tech our year 6’s did A LOT of stuff.  Here are some pictures


We played with electric circuits with room 4 & 3, Olivia brought her puppy in, everyone in room 6 apart from me were baking and on Thursday we all made NACHOS.

By shya.


100 WC #week 47

A group of penguins all surrounds a thing that looks like lickerish and lickerish is the penguin’s favorite food. A penguin steps up to take a taste of the lickerish but after chewing it he finds out that the lickerish is rubber and it is frozen, the penguin tries to spit it out but it is stuck to his tongue. The penguin tries to get it off but then realizes he has to swallow after that he turns crazily striped and gets sooo very excited because he was different but then he falls and dissolves into a puddle of water.


For you how don’t know what an M.R.I is it is a Magnetic resonance imaging a thing where people go through to get them check-out. Kind-of like a massive X-ray that you have to lye in. For you how still don’t get it her is a few pictures.

  and I might have to go through one of these or these   I am not excited.

The reason I have to go through a M.I.R is because of my FOOT.   

My foot is in a foot brace because during lockdown/quarantine I tripped over my pants and sprained my ankle. It is all heald now but since that fall I have been walking on the side of my foot and have been to the doctor about 5 times since then and my mum and I had to go to Timaru for a foot appointment to.

So on the 10th of August, my mum and I will be in Timaru and on the 18th of August I will be having a M.I.R so wish me luck and also wish me luck nothing will happen because the next day is year 6 day and year 6 day is where we learn all our life skills for the future. BYE  👋👋👋


Madagascar is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I really want to go.

Madagascar is the 4th biggest island in the world and is parked right next to Africa.

Do you know a movie called MADAGASCAR? Well, I do. The movie Madagascar is not a Disney film setting

it is a real country!?!  The island of Madagascar is home to almost 25,000 species of wild animals with a good number being endangered species.