“Welcome back to TV 1 and here is our question of the day– What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?”

Justine– “I think all the countries would flood. All the sea’s would be over filled with water and since ice caps and just melted water it would add to much water into the oceans and flood nearly every country, I think my opinion is quite realistic.””

Josh- “That is a very good opinion but mine is just as good. All the animals living on the ice caps would all DIE!”

Justine– ” Yup yours is better.”


I was going on a walk with my mum long the river side when the water started to get slower and slower. We follow the river until we come to the end, I have never seen the river bed so dry.  There where dead fish at the end of the river bed, 10 to be exact. Me and mum ran home and reported this to the police. The police came to the river and found out that someone was taking water from the river 10 liters at a time. ” I wonder why they where taking water ” said to mum while walking home.

100wc #22

On the 12th of July on Saturday I woke up at 6:00am knowing I had heaps to do. After getting changed and having breakfast I looked at my calendar and saw the first thing on my list was washing. I collected all the washing and headed downstairs to the laundry room. I picked up one of my kids white T-shirts and for some reason it was really sticky. After 30 minutes of the clothes being in the washing machine I put everything in the dryer. Once everything was out of  the dryer I saw the white T-shirt had become minuscule. Dammit!

An elephant in the garden

An elephant in the garden is based in world war 2 and is very interesting and has many plot twists. Mutti ( the mother ) Lizzie ( the youngest kid ) and Karl ( Lizzie’s oldest brother ) is a family that live in Dresden. Mutti works at a zoo and looks after a little baby elephant but she noticed weird things that Marlene ( the baby elephant ) was doing so she brung her home and looked after her. Once world war 2 started, Dresden started to get bombed so Mutti and her kids plus Marlene have to go and find somewhere else to live. They decided they want to go to Uncle Manfred and Auntie Lotti’s farm but they weren’t there. What do you think will happen next?

The story was very interesting and plot twists and drama I would rate this book a 9 / 10 It would of gotten a 10 / 10 it just felt like the ending was a bit rushed. Other then that it was an amazing story and I would defiantly recommend.

My favorite character was probably Peter. Peter was very adventures and funny.  He was a very good actor and loving.

here is what the book cover looks like if you want to get the book!



When we went to the black smith me and my partner Sofia made a garden stoke. we hit, twirled , heated  and bended metal. It was really fun to have the experience of making something out of metal from scratch. I really hope to go back to the blacksmith again one day and make something.


😝About Me😈

HI my name is Shya but my nickname is Shy-shy.😆

I have around 12 pets.🐴🐮🐱🐶🐑🐟

I have 1 sister and her name is Kaley👯

My dad lives in hawea flat near and my mum lives in Oamaru.🏘️

I love archery and painting.🎯

My favorite fruit is a cherry or a watermelon🍉🍒

I am a year 7 \ Grade 6

I am 11 years old turning 12 on October 19th



My favorite book

The book is called ” The girl who stole an elephant ”  this book is about a girl named Chaya and she can talk her way out of anything. She went to go steal the Queens jewels and she made up the best excuse but she didn’t get away with it, so she escaped on the back of an elephant that she stole and leads her friends on an adventure through the jungle.  Once she leaves with her friends she gets an idea ” could she leave her village a thief and come back a hero? ”

My Holiday

for the first week of the holidays I went up to Christchurch to see family and on Wednesday my; aunt, nana, sister and I went to go see peter rabbit 2 and it was really funny. On Tuesday we went for a shopping spree and I brought; 2 big pop its and 2 small ones. After a week in Christchurch I went home then 2 days later I flew up to Auckland and we stayed there for about 4 days. My Sister, Mum, Paul ( my mum’s partner) and his daughter Karma, and me went to Kelly Tarltons and we had some much fun looking at all the sea life. The next day after that we went to the Auckland Zoo and I think my favorite animal was all the baby animals because most of them were jumping around, It was so cute. Then after that day was the day we were leaving but before we jumped on the plane we went to the butterfly creek. Its had changed a lot since I was last there when I was 6. There is a train, A petting zoo, they only had 1 Joe and last time I think there were 5.  After the butterfly creek we went to have lunch ( I had Sushi ) and we flew back home and had an amazing trip. OH something else I forgot was I went up the sky tower and went to the highest floor. ( level 60 ) I really loved going up the sky tower because we could see for miles and seeing the sunset from that high up is AWESOME!!

100wc term 2

Me and my friend where going on a sunset walk. We walk along the beach then into a room that we thought was a bar but turned out to be a living room. There was a little light in the corner of the room then BAM the light dispersed then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. After 5 minutes of standing in the dark a bright, big light lit up behind us. Then I felt something touching my hair so I turned around and there a creepy old man just standing there stroking my hair. Then he vanished and was gone forever.

Term 1 Review👆

This term we have done a LOT of stuff and I hope we do more next term like;  more dam visits, art, SRA, coding etc.

I am really proud of my writing his term because I meant to be towards 4 at the end of the year but I am already on it at the start o the year so hopefully by the end of the year I am at level 4.

The one thing I need to improve on is math because the measurement in math is quite hard especially in 3D becuase I can never remember how to add up the area of it.

The thing I am looking forwards to the most for term 2 is tech. I am exited for tech because of the fun things I will do and I hope I am doing hard-materials because I cant wait to make a name tag.